Welcome to Littleweb.

Littleweb offers independent digital marketing help and advice to (very!) small businesses.

All businesses need an online presence in the 21st century. Not all business owners have the time, the money or the resources to devote to the complex and often confusing world of internet marketing.

We create and write genuinely effective websites and website content together with ensuring the background processes are all in place and working efficiently.

What We Do

Website Content Writing

I create easy to read, meaningful content

Profile & CV Writing

LinkedIn profiles, dating profiles and CVs

WordPress Websites

Websites that are practical and effective

Social Media Management

Sensible and relevant social interaction


Ensuring you get the best from your website

Local Listings

Keeping your website alive in local seaches

Website Content Writing

You’ve got 6-8 seconds to grab someone’s attention! This is why it is crucial that your website gets its message across clearly and instantly if it is to be successful.

A website can be your most  efficient and cost effective marketing tool, but it is only as good as its content.

Web content writing is more than just listing your products and services – it’s about making sure that you’ve got what your customers are looking for, it’s about offering clear and easy to understand information, it’s about keeping potential customers interested enough to keep reading. Good website content is easy to understand and engages the reader.

We work by making sure we understand the nature of your business and your preferred tone of voice to create copy that is going to be effective and meaningful. It is vital that your customers get the same feeling from your website as they would if they’d just walked through your door.

Profile & CV Writing

LinkedIn Profiles

It is becoming almost the norm to have a look at someone’s LinkedIn profile before making a decision to do business with them. There is absolutely no doubt that potential employers will check a LinkedIn profile just as sure as they will check a Facebook profile. While it might be easy, and in fact, even desirable to limit the access to your Facebook profile (assuming you have one!) the opposite is certainly true of LinkedIn.

A well written LinkedIn profile can make the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. A profile that displays the relevant experience in a knowledgeable and confident fashion will impress potential readers. The same is true for the self-employed hoping to impress a potential client.

Writing your own profile will often leave out key aspects of your personality and experience. It is easy to overlook attributes that might be important to others simply because you take them for granted and have overlooked their importance.

Writing your LinkedIn profile

What we do:

  • Analyse your existing LinkedIn profile (if you’ve got one)
  • Understand your skills and experience
  • Research your role and to ensure relevant keywords
  • Write (or re-write) your profile in the first person
  • Create a profile that displays your personality and highlights your skills and abilities
  • Provide an engaging and well-written summary that captures who you are, what you have to offer and what you are looking for
  • Up to 5 revisions of your profile to ensure a profile that makes you feel comfortable and confident

Our profile writing service provides the profile as a word document which you will then have to copy and paste into your profile. Data protection precludes us from logging into your LinkedIn account directly, but we are happy to provide email or phone assistance if there are any problems.


WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world.

It is an Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) that has thousands of features available making it possible to create a huge variety of sites from a simple blog site to sophisticated marketing, eCommerce, or social networking sites. WordPress is powerful, and flexible and universally understood.


Own Your Website

Littleweb produces WordPress websites that are owned by you, and using WordPress ensures that website updates and maintenance can be controlled by you.  The WordPress CMS allows you to have as little or as much involvement as you feel comfortable with. Adding content is straightforward and simple to learn, allowing you to add and update a website that remains fast, efficient and professional.

 WordPress offers thousands of themes and styles allowing you to have a website that is uniquely yours. Littleweb works with you to ensure that you have a website that identifies with your overall business and marketing strategy.

WordPress can be BIG

WordPress is the most popular website content management system in the world. No longer the exclusive domain of bloggers and DIY websites, WordPress is now one of the most versatile and trusted content management systems in the world, and is used by companies like M&S, Sony, BBC, MTV and thousands of others. Other big names using WordPress include Usain Bolt and Beyoncé.

WordPress can be Effective

With the addition of an effective SEO plug-in WordPress is very effective in ensuring favourable rankings within Google and other search engines.

Littleweb WordPress Services

Littleweb combines WordPress expertise with  SEO and content writing skills to create a website for you that is more than just a “pretty face”!

What to Expect from Littleweb

You will have a WordPress site that is:

  • Responsive – your site will adjust to display perfectly on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers
  • User Friendly – A website that is easy for users to navigate and simple for you to manage
  • Social media integration – Seamlessly share your website content across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others
  • Future Proofed – Using WordPress means regular updates to keep your website current and able to work with new systems and software.
  • Search Engine Friendly – Your website will be designed to gain maximum exposure in Google and other search engine rankings.

Give us a call, it’s free to chat!

Social Media Management

Let us take the social media strategy and implementation off your plate so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Littleweb offers on-going social media services, as well as one off projects and a bit of a helping hand along the way if you need it.

Social Media Management

If you’re reading this it’s because you know social media marketing is not that straightforward! You’ve probably realized that it involves a bit more than posting pictures of cute cats! Littleweb will help you select the social channels that are best for your business (you don’t want them all!), and help you create content that engages the people you’re trying to reach.
Littleweb will be on hand to reply to comments and responses with accurate and relevant information. Keeping a social media audience engaged and growing is important, but we never lose sight of the reasons for social promotions, and keep reviewing social media strategy to improve your business.

Analysing the Competition

Littleweb carries out a complete review of two of your competitors’ social media marketing. We pick out the best and the worst to make sure we’re giving you the information needed to create the best possible social media strategy.

Creating Content

What you share is important but how you say it is critical! Littleweb works with you to understand the tone of voice of your business, and creates content that reflects this. Your audience need to relate to your content in order to feel a part of your community. Will they remember your posts? Will they share your posts? Will they want to see more of your posts?

Blog Posts

Social Media strategies are always more successful when they include blog posts. Let Littleweb research and write content that your audience finds interesting and worth sharing.