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Social Media Management

Littleweb offers on-going social media services as well as one-off projects and a helping hand along the way

Let us take the social media strategy and implementation off your plate so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Littleweb offers on-going social media services, as well as one off projects and a bit of a helping hand along the way if you need it.

Social Media Management

If you’re reading this it’s because you know social media marketing is not that straightforward! You’ve probably realized that it involves a bit more than posting pictures of cute cats! Littleweb will help you select the social channels that are best for your business (you don’t want them all!), and help you create content that engages the people you’re trying to reach.
Littleweb will be on hand to reply to comments and responses with accurate and relevant information. Keeping a social media audience engaged and growing is important, but we never lose sight of the reasons for social promotions, and keep reviewing social media strategy to improve your business.

Analysing the Competition

Littleweb carries out a complete review of two of your competitors’ social media marketing. We pick out the best and the worst to make sure we’re giving you the information needed to create the best possible social media strategy.

Creating Content

What you share is important but how you say it is critical! Littleweb works with you to understand the tone of voice of your business, and creates content that reflects this. Your audience need to relate to your content in order to feel a part of your community. Will they remember your posts? Will they share your posts? Will they want to see more of your posts?

Blog Posts

Social Media strategies are always more successful when they include blog posts. Let Littleweb research and write content that your audience finds interesting and worth sharing.

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