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Keeping your website alive in local searches

Keeping your website alive in local seaches.

Once upon a time it was enough to have a listing in the Yellow Pages. It was renewed annually and then you kept your fingers crossed that it would work.

Well, those days are long gone – most consumers now use search engines to shop locally. The growth of smartphones means that most people can search instantly no matter where they are. You need to be found when  they start looking!

There are a number of local search engines and directories where it is imperative that you have a strong presence and visibility in local searches.

Google Business is still the most important by far, then there is Bing and a host of 20-30 directories that it is essential to be listed in.

Our Local Listing Service will add your business to the directories that are relevant to your business to ensure you have a presence in local searches.

The quality of these directories can change over time so it is useful to review your lsiting at least once every six months.

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